We are pleased to announce, thanks to the support of the Patrons of Out With Dad and other recent events, we are able to afford to bring Caitlynne Medrek back to Toronto to film scenes sooner than expected. In March 2016 Medrek is set to reprise her role as Claire Daniels in Out With Dad. Her character has been noticeably absent from Season 4 – this is because the actress moved to western Canada, making her unavailable for this Toronto-based production. Claire has made a few subtle appearances since Medrek’s departure, such as appearing by way of video chat. Art imitating life: Claire moved to western Canada too, which is why she is no longer in Rose’s life.

(more info below the video)

Season 4 has been funded entirely by the Patrons of Out With Dad using Patreon, a recurring crowdsource funding platform. Fans had been promised if our monthly pledge grows to $2500USD, we would be able to afford her return. A series of recent events has enabled us to reduce our milestone significantly.

Recently, Patreon changed how monthly pledges are displayed to the public, to more accurately reflect how much Patreon creators receive after various fees are deducted. Our previous milestones took that into account; it also assumed a currency exchange rate much less than the current exchange, and anticipated travel costs for Medrek to be nearly double than what we paid. Updated milestones will be posted in a few days.

Claire will be reunited with Rose in the episode scheduled to debut in April 2016.

Fans are also eagerly anticipating the return of Vanessa LeMay, played by Lindsey Middleton. Vanessa is currently appearing in a second spin-off series called Counselling Vanessa. This story line is being kept  separate from Out With Dad until after the story-arc with Claire concludes. At present, the Claire-arc will likely wrap up in November or December 2016. If fans want to help accelerate the storytelling – they can by becoming a Patron of Out With Dad at patreon.com/outwithdad.