On Tuesday, April 12 at 9AM EST the 15th Annual Webby Awards announced this year’s nominees. We’re very proud to be among five prestigious nominees for Best Drama in Online Film & Video, and the Webby People’s Voice Award.

As Best Drama nominee, we’re also nominated for the Webby People’s Voice Award. We need your help to win this award by voting for us! All you have to do is log-in and cast your ballet. Why is winning important to us? Well, not only will it feel peachy, but win like this could help us in securing funding from potential sponsors to help us moving forward with production and post-production. Click on the banner to the right to go directly to the Drama ballots. We’ve also created a shortened custom URL to the voting page so you can help us by sharing and encouraging your friends and family to vote!


Our fellow nominees include Anyone But Me (our New York counter-part), Crackle.com’s Urban Wolf, the BBC’s Eastenders E20, and Robert Townsend’s Diary of a Single Mom. We’re honoured to be on such list.

Later in the day CBC.ca reported our nomination, along with fellow Canadians Justin Beiber and Arcade Fire.

It was a year ago this month we began filming our first episodes – at that time we could not have imagined such an achievement. Thank you to all of you for your continued support!