Rose & Vanessa's Grade 10 Advanced English Class

This week was a busy week for us! We filmed all day Monday, Wednesday morning and all day Friday. Monday & Friday were our school location shoots. We successfully filmed every school scene for season two. Amazing!

||The 519|Heading|||
We were hosted by the The 519 Community Centre on Church Street in downtown Toronto. They were super accommodating, such wonderful hosts! Thank you so much for helping us accomplish what we’re doing. The 519 is committed to providing  high  quality  community  programs,  services and accessible public space for the local community, broader LGBTQ communities and the general public. We couldn’t have done it without you.

||Background Actors|Heading|||
Very, very important: I want to thank our background actors – many of whom we’d never met before Monday – who came to join us filming. They learned very quickly how much sitting around and doing nothing there is. Or how boring filming can be. And how thankless it might feel. That’s why it’s so important to me to convey to you how much you mean to us. By being there you contributed so much value to Out With Dad. Your valuable time and energy helps bring important realism to the scenes. While the audience may not be thinking “look at those students in the background!”, you’ve helped me prevent them from thinking “this show is so lame, it doesn’t look like a real school at all, where is everybody at this fake school?”

||My Cast and Crew|Heading|||
WOW, just wow. I think you all know how nervous I was about this week, given all that we had to accomplish in so little time. Yet thanks to your hard work, professionalism and amazing talent we burned through our material in record time. We were on or ahead of schedule nearly the whole time, while still having fun. I may very well be the most lucky filmmaker.

A thousand thank yous to all.