This is the first of a new feature here on, Questions & Answers with cast, crew, friends and fans of Out With Dad.  I’ve sent about half a dozen questions to various people who have been involved with Out With Dad in one way or another.  This’ll be a fun way to learn more about Out With Dad, the people who watch and support it, the people involved in making it and other projects unrelated to Out With Dad.  I hope we grab your interest.

First up, is Corey Lof, the actor who plays Kenny.

||Q:|Heading|font_size=20|| You delivered a solid audition. What I found interesting is that you played it very differently than I had envisioned – and different than every other actor who turned out for the part. How did you prepare for the audition? What choices did you make going in?

||A:|Heading|font_size=20|| First of all thank you. Secondly, I did not necessarily mean to play it different then everybody else, although I am glad it turned out that way, because one thing is for sure, different, good or bad, is always remembered, and that is the goal after all when going in for the first audition. When preparing for an audition, I tried to find places that I could change the performance so it wasn’t flat lined, boring. I like to show a few different aspects of the character, for example; the scene is mainly quiet and calm, if there is a spot where I can make it work being excited and loud, I will. This way, the people watching don’t fall asleep, and I show them that I am capable of more then one thing. I tried not to stress to much going in for the first audition, I knew my lines and I had fun with it.

||Q:|Heading|font_size=20|| Can you share a bit about how you came to be an actor, your schooling, etc.?
||A:|Heading|font_size=20|| In high school I was never in any of the big school plays or anything, but I always took drama class – it was relaxed and fun and had little homework. In grade twelve in drama class we had to take scripts from the writers craft class and direct and produce them. So during this project I got the chance to direct and star in a couple plays that were viewed by more then just members of my class. I remember after one of the plays, I felt so good, and I said to one of my friends, you know, I would like to do this for a living. My parents were already breathing down my neck about post secondary school at this point, so when I applied and got into a school with an acting and a film program in the same wing, the choice was simple.

||Q:|Heading|font_size=20||You’re not only an actor, but a writer, producer and director too. Can you tell us about your film project you’re creating?
||A:|Heading|font_size=20|| Just finished shooting a short called Mourning, and I will say this, a lot more work goes into a movie then you would think just watching it. Although, as stressful as it can be, when ever I was actually on set, it was amazing, I had so much fun. Like acting, its a constant learning experience to, the things I did yesterday make me sick, because I know with what I learned last night, I could do it so much better today, and its terrible because I know tomorrow I will feel the same way about today.

||Q:|Heading|font_size=20|| What’s an example of something you learned from directing?
||A:|Heading|font_size=20|| Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

From one filmmaker to another: I hear ya.

||Q:|Heading|font_size=20|| Is Mourning your début as a filmmaker?

||A:|Heading|font_size=20|| Kind of. It’s the first legitimate – if you can even call it that – film I made. I’ve been behind some fun little projects that I made during school with a few friends before this. But Mourning is the first one that we took our time, and did right and might actually show to one or two people. Maybe.

||Q:|Heading|font_size=20|| You’re also co-writing a project with Will. How did you two come to work on this together? Any insight as to what the project is?
||A:|Heading|font_size=20|| Me and Will met on a beach late one August night, it was foggy and windy and sand was getting in my eyes. I hadn’t slept or ate in at least two days so I was feeling a little silly. I ended up collapsing at the waters edge, and Will found me there just as the tide was about to take me away. He threw me over his shoulders like a dead animal scarf you would see an aristocrat women wearing at a high class party.I dont remember any of this, but he took me to his car and when I woke up I was in the trunk and it was lined with clear plastic and I could hear a song chiming, I think it was a Christmas song. He opened the trunk and he had one rubber gloves and a cold lifeless stare. Yada Yada Yada, we ended up having a lot in common and decided to work together. I cant tell you much about the project other then we are teaming up with a director, Ryan Moccia, and its going to be awesome. And we might let some people see it when its done. Maybe.

||Q:|Heading|font_size=20|| What’s been your reaction to the response OWD has received?
||A:|Heading|font_size=20|| I am not surprised, I am glad its doing well on the inter web, and I hope we get to make more.

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