We’re looking forward to tonight’s table read.  There won’t be any cast members present, just producers.  We’ll meet at our favourite pub, find a quite corner to read aloud all the scripts for the planned six episodes of the first block.  We’ll be keeping our eyes and ears open for awkward sounding dialog and spelling/grammar errors (of which there are plenty, I’m sure!).  We’ll also be comparing our script breakdowns to make sure we haven’t left anything out; such as props, music cues, wardrobe, actors in scenes, extras, etc.

I’ll spend the next few days making revisions based on our notes from tonight.  This coming Friday will be our first cast table read.  It’ll also be the first occasion that the entire cast meets one and other.  Also present will be most of the producers, the art director and hopefully the composer too.

The cast table read will be very insightful for me as the writer and director.  It’ll help me see and hear how the actors respond to scenes and dialog.  I’m sure I’ll want to make further revisions based on their own personalities, how they put emphasis on certain words.  THEN we’ll get to start doing rehearsals.  Our target for shooting weekends this April is still on course.