Last night we got the cast of Out With Dad together. We read through all 45 pages that will make up our first production block. I think everyone had a good time. For me, the writer, it was a VERY good time. Hearing all my words, which have previously only resided in my own head with my own made-up voices, being spoken aloud outside my head with the voices belonging to the actors that will be inhabiting these characters was immensely surreal, gratifying, invigorating and loads of fun.  Fortunately, to my great relief, people laughed and people nearly cried at all the right times.

We video taped the table read. I’ll review the footage looking for any dialog that might have sounded awkward to the actor, or where we stumbled as a result of the wording. Plus it’ll help me as a director make notes for when it comes to directing this fine cast.

Afterwards we went out for a couple of pints as we continued to get to know one and other. Everyone seems to get along really well. Lots of laughter and positive energy flowing all night long. It seems as though everyone’s got a ton of enthusiasm for this project.

I can’t wait get filming this thing.