Rose’s Video Diary #6 “My dad is seeing someone!!!!!!”

Rose may have discovered something her dad has been keeping from her for some reason. Watch Diary #6: “My dad is seeing someone!!!!!!”

We continue the story of Out With Dad through Rose’s video diaries while we raise funds and prepare our third season production schedule.

Have you ever caught someone keeping a secret from you?

This minisode was first available to our supporters who are members of our VIP Out With Dad private Facebook group. It went live to the public on March 14th, 2013. To find out how you can watch episodes three weeks early, visit for details.

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  1. Will there be any Subtitles? I’d need german ones :/

  2. Sub italian?

  3. Wonder why Rose whispers when talking to Clare? Can’t wait to find out what happens with them in Season 3. Hope you get enough money guys :)

  4. Oops sorry I haven’t noticed this is written you have to be VIP to watch it’s I look stupid now :)

    • Oh! Don’t feel bad! A simple mistake. Are you able to view the other diary videos okay?

  5. Hey, I live in France and I can’t see the videos on the website because it says I can’t watch it my country. I can only see the videos on YouTube… You put them on youtube weeks after you had put it on the website, don’t you? (Sorry if to bother you uselessly if you don’t)
    Can you please put the episode on YouTube as soon as you upload it? Or not too long after?
    Sorry if I sound rude

  6. Oooooh!! She knows! I loved how Rose compared her Dad talking to Angela with Kenny and Alesha (sorry if I spelled that wrong!) and most importantly with how she talks to Clare! That speaks volumes! I really hope we get to see the Angela conversation as I think there could be so many emotions bubbling under the surface. Nathan deserves to be happy. He has given the last sixteen years of his life to protecting and caring for Rose as well as going through the heartbreak of losing his wife. Rose is practically an adult and making her own way in the world so now it’s Nathan’s turn to find happiness and have someone be there for him. He has been 100% supportive of Rose and I really hope she realises that and gives him the same. I’m so looking forward to Rose and Angela’s first meeting! I’m Team Angela all the way and I think she could be a great support to her. Not sure if she will appreciate the fact that Nathan has told her about Rose being gay though! We shall see! Then of course there’s Angela’s children and her homophobic Mother to be added to the mix at some point. So much drama potential!! I love it! Great little webisode, Jason! Sorry for going off on a tangent! This is what OWD does to me!!


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