3.01 “Starting Out”

New beginnings for Rose & Nathan as they are finished moving into a new place, and Rose receives a meaningful new present from dad. Later, Claire invites her to dinner. Now she just has to figure out one thing: Is this a date?

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Kate Conway as Rose
Jonathan Robbins as Nathan
Caitlynne Medrek as Claire
Kelly-Marie Murtha as Angela
Lindsey Middleton as Vanessa
Robert Nolan as Steven

Music Composed, Produced and Performed by:
Adrian Ellis

Created, Written and Directed by:
Jason Leaver

The Songs

Music has always been an important part of Out With Dad. In addition to Adrian Ellis’s beautiful score, this episode contains two songs. They were found for me by Nicole Simone, who has been a long time friend of Out With Dad.

First is “Say Your Name” by Girl Who Got Away, which Claire is listening to when she calls Rose.








Next up, is a beautiful sad song by Simon Walls, “It Feels The Same”, which surely echo’s Vanessa’s frame of mind.






  1. I’m just curious, but, why is the actor for Nathan different? Not that there’s anything wrong with it, I’m just curious as to why the change occured

    • He couldn’t be available because of schedualing with other projects.

  2. I always know an episode is hitting me just right when I’m sad for Rose, sad for Vanessa, or angry at Vanessa’s parents. And no, I’m still firmly on #TeamRose

    • Folks,

      Let me sat that Mr Myers has written episodic reviews of nearly all the episodes and is fairly generous in the amount of writing he does as well as the great things he has to say about Jason Leaver, the story itself and all the characters.

      If you haven’t stopped by, run don’t walk and give him a read!

  3. TEAM CLAIRE I love Claire she follows me on Instagram #NERDSAFEZONE….NERD SAFE ZONE

  4. What is the name of the song at the end of episode 1 season 3 and I really enjoyed the last 2 episodes I can tell season 3 is AWESOME <3

  5. Team Vanessa ftw!!!

  6. #teamvanessa omg poor vanessa :c

  7. I’m #teamclaire but I do feel sorry for Vanessa because u know if her parents where OK with her being gay she would so be with Rose. OWD your off to a great start, I’m looking fwd to the rest of this chapter. It sure brightened up the losy weather we are having here in Scotland.

    • I TOTALLY agree with you the weather here in Scotland is HORRIBLE.
      BTW I’m team Vanessa but I found the kiss between Rose and Claire cute, so I guess I’m both Team Vanessa and Team Claire, I actually don’t mind who Rose ends up with because both Vanessa and Claire are perfect for her (okay I actually feel sorry for Vanessa so I kinda want her to be with Rose). I just want Rose to be happy :) <3

  8. Best Web series I have ever seen. The series is starting out great. This will be a great season. ♥

  9. Good to see Vanessa is still there. It’s so obvious that she has a different struggle than Rose. As for Rose who has a very supportive parent, Vanessa has the kind of opposite.

    I feel like my dad is kind of trying to ignore or forget my sexuality. He knows I’m bi, but he kind of seems to think it’s a phase I’m going trough it seems. Or a phase I did go trough. However, I have always liked boys, and started liking girls first when I grew older. So if something was a phase, it would’ve been girls.

  10. Hi everyone,
    GREAT to see Rose and all the others back. Well it was a long time and now we’ll get some new stuff 😉
    Go on and give us more :-)
    Greetz from Cologne, Germany

  11. Oh so good this episode ! ! ! It’s amazing ! And musics are so beautiful. And Claire and Rose are beautiful too ! Thank you so much :-).
    Greetings from France.

  12. Oh I’m not sure about this new Nathan…he seems less natural than Will, Hm. I’ll give him a chance though!

  13. Watched it five times – I love it! Was a hard time without Out with Dad – and now after one episode I’m totally in love again with this series :)
    Thanx Jason for giving us such a great thing!
    Greetings from Germany!

  14. Subtitle in Portuguese, please!

  15. Can’t wait to watch more. Kisses from Portugal.

    Ps: U are cute, Kate :$

  16. Really amazing 😀

  17. amazing episode i love this show.

  18. Bravo! It is good to have you all back! Wonderful start to what I am sure will be an amazing season. Looking forward to every episode. Keep on keeping on…


  19. Amazing :)

  20. I loved it and cant wait to see more..im a big fan of owd..so glad its finally back and ready to see what happens between rose claire and vanessa. .

  21. IS back!! Thank youuuuu!!! Finally!!! God I missed this!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Rose stills as beautiful as ever!!! :) thank you really, greetings from Mexico!! ( Go team Claire!! XD)

  22. Initial thoughts before I watch it again: First…WHOA, my girls are growing up! TV young people getting older! Boo hoo hoo, bless their hearts. Second, it’s weird to be controlled by a show. I’m on the edge of my seat for every word, realizing that these characters are directly wired to my emotion center. The show, its story, and its characters are powerful, and affect me so. So good to see everyone again. Great job Jonathan! Excellent work. I’m still going to need a little time. I hope you understand-I’ve only watched it once so far. I am wrapped up in this story. I love each and every one of you. You should be very proud. It looks like a million bucks, I am 100% under its spell, and I am completely back in, enthralled and ruled by this story. BRAVO!

  23. Loved the old Nathan, but we’ll see. Good start! Can’t wait for more!

  24. Loved it!:)


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