For your consideration: Vanessa’s Story for the 2015 IAWTV Awards

Thank you for taking the time to review our web series. Vanessa’s Story is a spin-off from the beloved web series Out With Dad. Vanessa’s Story debuted in 2014, released concurrently with Out With Dad season 3.2 and 3.3 episodes.

Below are our Highlight reels for our cast and crew, for your consideration. For Best Series consideration, we present the second episode “Vanessa Lost”

Best Series Drama

Episode title: “Vanessa Lost”

Vanessa has run away from home. After spending her first day wandering, she’s fallen in with some bad company. At least, she has a place to stay. This second episode of Vanessa’s Story picks up during her first night away from home.

Actress Lindsey Middleton, as Vanessa

Actor Highlight Reel

Lindsey Middleton is one of the hardest working actors involved in this production. In addition to playing the supporting role of Vanessa, Rose’s former best friend and first love in Out With Dad, she would go one to produce and star in the spin-off series Vanessa’s Story.

Directed by Jason Leaver

Director Highlight Reel

Purposefully distinct from Out With Dad, Vanessa’s Story is a gritty: shot with a skeleton crew, entirely handheld, in black & white.

Writing by Jason Leaver

Writer Highlight Reel

Much of third season of Out With Dad was written five years ago, before the character Vanessa was conceived for the first season of that series. When it came time to revise and produce season three – there was no Vanessa in it. This has inspired Vanessa running away from home and attempting to live on the streets. This story takes such a dark turn, deemed too dark for Out With Dad – so it was decided to write a separate script, away from the events of Out With Dad’s third season.

In the beginning, I was terribly nervous writing this series. I was not confident that it was my place to tell this story. Yet, all these years later, the audience has been so very kind and accepting. It has been a privilege to tell this story.” ~ Jason Leaver

Original Score by Adrian Ellis

Music Highlight Reel

For this spin-off series, Adrian Ellis was forced to abandon all of the themes and style of Out With Dad, to create a much different voice.

This highlight reel is a selection of some of the director’s personal favourite cues from this season.