For your consideration: Out With Dad for the 2015 IAWTV Awards

Thank you for taking the time to review our web series. Season 3.2 debuted in March-April 2014, Season 3.3 debuted in September of 2014. Season 3.1 debuted in December of 2013, it is therefore not eligible for the 2015 IAWTV Awards.

Below are our Favourite Episodes or Highlight reels for our cast and crew, for your consideration.

Best Series Drama

Episode 3.22 “With Family and Friends”

Our finale episode, in which Nathan follows through on his promise to Rose to come out to his parents, as a father of a gay child. After that, there is only one thing left to do: party!

Actress Kate Conway, as Rose

Actor Highlight Reel

Kate Conway’s performance has recently been recognized by the Indie Series Awards, when she took home (for the second time) Out Standing Actress in a Drama Series Award. She is currently co-producing and co-writing Season 4 of Out With Dad.

Actor Jonathan Robbins, as Nathan

Actor Highlight Reel

Jonathan Robbins joins the cast of Out With Dad in the third season, playing Rose’s caring father. Sometimes, his involvement in his daughter’s life is a bit too much for a teenager to handle.

Nathan is a better person than I could ever be, I look up to him every moment I step into his shoes. Hearing that other people feel the same way, that parents have learned from and been inspired by him, makes me feel incredibly privileged to have played him, and become that role model for them.” ~ Jonathan Robbins

The Ensemble Cast of Out With Dad

Actors Highlight Reel

Our cast includes lead actors Kate Conway, Jonathan Robbins, supporting actors Lindsey Middleton and Caitlynne Medrek, series regulars Corey Lof, Laura Jabalee, Darryl Dinn, Kelly-Marie Murtha and guest actors Robert Mills, Susan Q Willson, Janelle Hanna, Harpreet Sehmbi and more.

Cinematography by Bruce William Harper

Cinematographer Highlight Reel

When Bruce William Harper joined Out With Dad for its third season, he pushed the overall production value of the series to a whole new level. His job was often a challenge, having to light for five-camera setups – which was necessary to keep the production moving quickly.

The relationship that OWD has with it’s audience is indescribable. I’m extremely proud of my work, and how we were able to improvise these complicated lighting setups within a five camera shoot.” ~Bruce William Harper

Directed & Edited by Jason Leaver

Director & Editor Highlight Reel

The same reel has been compiled to reflect both Jason Leaver’s editing and direction of Out With Dad. In addition to directing and editing, Jason Leaver is the series creator, producer, writer, visual effects artist. His style varies from long continuous shots for a entire scene to five-camera setups, sweeping montages to slick comedy.

When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was make big movies. Then I feel in love with the long narrative arcs of television. Now, my favourte medium is web series. Despite the fact that the screens have gotten smaller, the breadth of what is possible has only grown.” ~ Jason Leaver

I love editing. For me, editing is an extension of directing – they are almost one and the same.” ~ Jason Leaver

Writing by Jason Leaver

Writing Highlight Reel

Much of third season of Out With Dad was written five years ago, prior to writing the first season. Dad’s coming out as the parent of a gay teen, and the double date scenes were among the very first scenes ever written for the show, as was Rose and Nathan playing catch (though, that was originally conceived as an indoor rock climbing scene!). With so much of what would become the third season written before the character Vanessa was conceived, there was a challenge of how to continue the series without her. That is what inspired Vanessa running away from home and attempting to live on the streets – that story is told in the spin-off Vanessa’s Story.

In the beginning, I was terribly nervous writing this series. I was not confident that it was my place to tell this story. Yet, all these years later, the audience has been so very kind and accepting. It has been a privilege to tell this story.” ~ Jason Leaver

Original Score by Adrian Ellis

Music Highlight Reel

Adrian Ellis is the musical heartbeat of Out With Dad, our composer, music producer and performer.

Since the beginning, Adrian has been building the musical language of Out With Dad. This series is rich with leitmotifs, starting in the very first episode we establish a theme for Rose & Vanessa – which is never heard in the third season until the very last moment of the series. In the second season the subtitle introduction of what would become Rose & Claire’s theme. Most other leitmotifs are related to subject matters such as comedic awkward misunderstandings, or the haunting homophobia theme introduced in second season that is distorted and painful when Rose is physically bullied.

This highlight reel is a selection of some of the director’s personal favourite cues from this season.