Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next episode?

New episodes will debut on the second Thursday of every month. Patrons of Out With Dad who pledge $3 or more per month will get early access to new episodes – they will see new episodes on the first Thursday of every month. Check out our calendar by clicking here.

Why the three year jump in time?

There are many reasons, but the most notable reason is a creative choice. “I love cliffhangers. All of my favourite series finales and many of my favourite movies end with uncertain endings that leaves me guessing”, says series creator and writer Jason Leaver. The ending of Season 3 was very creatively fulfilling for Leaver and for the cast. We were never sure if we’d make more Out With Dad and were proud of that finale. Now that we are making more Out With Dad, Leaver wanted to respect the ending we created. If the story was picked up at the same moment, it would tarnish the intention of that finale.

Another notable reason, we’ve grown up! The cast and crew of Out With Dad have been making this show for over five years now. For us, continuing to play high school students would feel unauthentic, and authenticity has been the cornerstone of this show.

Why are Season 4 episodes so short?

Season 4 episodes are created once per month, using a budget from the Patrons of Out With Dad. We work with what we have! Right now, we’re creating episodes at a cost far below industry standards. We strive to make the biggest and best we can with a limited budge. Bigger our budget, the bigger our episodes. You can help us grow by becoming a Patron of Out With Dad too! Click here to find out more.

There is another reason for the format change… The creators of Out With Dad and LESlieVILLE are hard at work creating a new project. Unofficially, you could call it “Season 5”. It’s not technically the fifth season of Out With Dad, but it is a continuation of Rose’s story and OWD fans are going to love it. And, it’s going to be something new and BIG! Like, really big. The required budget is going to be larger than anything we could raise with crowdfunding. That’s why we require a lot of time and effort getting the scripts finished and connecting with funding agencies and/or sponsors. Season 4 is designed to be rather simple to execute to afford us that required time. These simple episodes are bigger and better than Rose’s Video Diaries, while serving the same function. It’s allowing us to continue the story, keep the characters alive, and connect the story between Rose’s high school years, and her future.

Why are some subtitles missing?

Our subtitles are created and translated by volunteer fans around the world. We send English subtitle files to our volunteer translators, and they translate them on their own time as soon as they have time. Sometimes that’s right away, and sometimes it takes longer. If subtitles in your language are missing, come back and check again! Thank you for your patience.

Are we ever going to see Rose/Vanessa or Rose/Claire together again?

We don’t like giving spoilers!

Okay, well, will we at least see more Vanessa or Claire again?


Why is there a different actor playing Dad?

We welcomed Jonathan Robbins in the role of Nathan in 2013, after exciting opportunities arose for Will Conlon. We’re sure it was a difficult decision for Will. As sad as it was to see him go, we support his decision and wish him all the best!

You can watch our Goodbye Will video by clicking here, and our Welcome Jonathan video here.