Out With Dad – the beloved web series

The independently produced, fan-funded, award winning web series drama about a teenage girl and her single father, at a time when Rose is coming of age and coming out of the closet. All dad wants is for her to be happy, and Out With Dad.

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Fact sheet:

  • one of the most watched web series ever produced in Canada
  • debuted July 8, 2010, finale episode debuted on November 15, 2017
  • third season funded by a successful crowdfunding, plus licensing a deal with France Television
    • acquired in France by France Televisions in 2013, renewed again in 2014 and 2015
  • fourth and fifth season 100% funded by fan patrons using Patreon
  • 34 million views across all platforms
  • average viewership over 100K views per month
  • new episodes viewed over 15K times in the first month of release
  • over 40K Subscribers on YouTube
  • high Facebook engagement, over 8000 Likes
  • 82 episodes ranging 4-18 minutes
    • Season 1: 8 episodes (approx 1hr total runtime)
    • Season 2: 12 episodes (approx 2hrs total runtime)
    • Rose’s Video Diaries: 12 episodes
    • Season 3: 22 episodes, including 7 “Vanessa’s Story” episodes (approx 3hrs total runtime)
    • Season 4: 23 episodes (approx 3hrs total runtime)
    • Season 5: 5 episodes (approx 50min total runtime)
  • winner of countless awards, nominations and official selections from around the globe including:
    • Canadian Screen Awards nominations:
      • Best Web Series 2013
      • Best Web Series 2015
      • Best Actress in a Digital Series 2017
    • Prix Coup de Cur de France 4 at the Marseille Web Fest 2012
    • 2015 Writers Guild of Canada Screenwriting Award for episode “Outed”
    • Best Drama in the 4th Annual Indie Series Awards
    • Webbie Award Nominee
  • subtitles available in 9 languages, (over 7% of the audience is Spanish speaking, over 5% Portuguese speaking)


Filmed in secret and released as part of the third season, the spin-off series Vanessa’s Story debuted in early 2014. When this supporting character’s story line was deemed too dark for Out With Dad, Vanessa’s Story was conceived to run parallel to Out With Dad, shot in a very different style.

Our short, fourth season teaser: