When is the next episode?

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We’ve set up an Out With Dad Patreon account, so that you can help us make Season 4 without waiting. This time, we’re going to film and release a new episode every month. That’s right, new episodes every month! Among other perks, patrons of Out With Dad get to see episodes early.

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What is Patreon?

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that enables fans to become patrons of the arts. It allows you to pledge any amount you’d like to give your favourite artists on a monthly basis. It’s different from other crowdfunding platforms, which are better suited for one-time-only projects; like we did with Season 3… which took forever.

How the funds are used.Why Patreon?

We know what fans of Out With Dad want most of all: new episodes, and no waiting. Patreon is designed for creators making reoccurring projects, like new monthly episodes. While it is more efficient to write, shoot and edit a full season all at once, that means a really long wait for you. That’s why we’ve decided to make Season 4 one episode at a time, so we can start right away. It’s a perfect fit for Patreon. As a patron of Out With Dad, you can pledge any amount you’d like to give on a monthly basis. We aren’t asking you to pledge very much, the hope is that if a lot of you give just a little – it’ll add up. Patrons of Out With Dad will get special access to our Patreon feed where you can receive insider information, watch episodes early, download scripts, participate in our live commentary recordings, see your name in the end credits and more. For specific details about perks for our patrons, visit our Patreon page: www.patreon.com/outwithdad.

Budget Goals

The cast and crew have agreed to work below industry-standard rates – but even at the rates we agreed upon, we still require a minimum of $1500/episode. Before we reach this goal, it means there will be no time for prep work, a rushed production day, small cast, small crew, only one scene at one location. It also means if other professional work opportunities arise for a cast or crew members, they will have to do that instead; this could mean delays in production or compromised quality. If we reach our goal $5000/episode it would alleviate these other concerns – and could make longer episodes with more scenes and locations, and a larger cast.

OWDs4 Schedule Rev2Production and Distribution Schedule

Generally speaking, a new episode will premiere publicly on the 2nd Thursday of every month. Filming a new episode will take place on the 3rd Monday of every month, pending cast and crew availability. Later that same week, usually by Thursday, we’ll upload a special video message recorded on set exclusively for our patrons.

If all goes smooth, each episode will take several days to edit, happening some time during during the next 2½ weeks. Patrons of $5 or more will get to see a work-in-progress draft of the episode as it becomes available. Patrons of this level will also get to download a PDF of the shooting script.

On the first or second Thursday of the following month (2½ weeks after production), the finished episode will be uploaded privately for patrons of $3 or more. It may vary month to month depending on when the shoot happened, so check the calendar below for the exact date of when it will be released.

A week later, the episode will be released publicly. Then, we start the process all over! This schedule isn’t set in stone, it will vary month to month. As changes occur, the calendar below will be updated.

Out With Dad Calendar

This calendar will be updated regularly.

Live Commentary Recordings

Watch the first Live Video Commentary by clicking here!On the last Thursday of every month, patrons of $10 or more are invited to join creator/writer/director Jason Leaver and a member of the cast (pending availability) as they record a commentary of an old episode LIVE via Google Hangouts On Air. Each time, we’ll watch an old episode of Out With Dad together with the audience as we share insights, stories and reminisce about the making of that episode. During the live recording, our $10+ patrons are encouraged to participate by asking us questions about the episode while we watch. We’ll stay online for about half an hour each time, during that time we’ll chat with audience members and perhaps offer additional insight. In an effort to accommodate fans who live in different time zones, we’ll schedule each recording at different times of the day. Refer to the calendar above to see when the next one is scheduled. These recordings will then be edited and released to the public one week later. Watch the first recording right here!

Donate any amount you can

Just want to donate what’s in your pocket? You still can, and we really appreciate it. Any amount will help keep Out With Dad alive.

Sharing Out With Dad with your friends, family, in your classroom, on your blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., is another important way to help Out With Dad continue. Use the hashtag #WeLoveOWD!