Received the following question (from anonymous) on Formspring:
||Whens the DVD coming out? Thought you said it would be in time for christmas.|SubTitle|||

Ya…. I’m pretty embarrassed about that. Unfortunately Out With Dad isn’t my full-time job; and my real fulltime job suddenly got really busy this month (most for the early part of January too).
It’ll come out on both DVD and Bluray. The Bluray will be full 1080P resolution. The main hold-up right now is a Visual Effects featurette that I’m still working on. After that, I just need to finish encoding each episode and create the packaging. The distributor says they’ll only need about a day to put it on sale. It’ll be available on (not .ca or other countries) and other places on the web.
The DVD/Bluray will have every webisode. Each webisode has commentaries by either Lindsey Middleton and myself or Will Conlon, Corey Lof and myself. There is a feature length version – basically all eight episodes smushed together. This hour-long version has two commentary tracks: the father/daughter track with Will Conlon and Kate Conway together and a director commentary by me. Oh yes, and bloopers! We all love bloopers! Also, you can watch Kate, Lindsey and Corey’s auditions. Couldn’t include Will’s because his auditions would be season-two spoilers! Hopefully I can squeeze a few more things.
Oh, but I didn’t answer your question… when? I don’t know! SOON. I swear. Soon. Like in a few weeks?

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