||What is your favourite episode of season 1? and why?|SubTitle|||

Great question! Violettilly asked us this question on our Formspring.me page. I put the question to members of our cast and crew. What is their favourite episode or scene?
What is your favourite episode or scene from season one? Why? Answer in the comment section below!
Here’s what our gang said:

||Kate Conway:|SmallType||| Mine is the movie theater scene because it was such a crazy shooting experience and I have never filmed with green screen before. I felt very pro!

||Will Conlon:|SmallType||| My favourite scenes is the movie theater scene. It was the most interesting scene to shoot and it was fun to play around with Nathan’s alter ego in that one. This was also my favourite episode for the same reason.

||Lindsey Middleton:|SmallType||| No question: The Party Scene. Why? Because I got to dance around with my friends for hours in a hot basement… isn’t that every kids dream!?

||Corey Lof:|SmallType||| My favourite scene over all was the movie theatre scene, obviously, its hilarious, and amazing. However my favourite scene to take part in was, as brief as it may be, my scene outside the bathroom door in the party out episode. I loved it, because it was short and sweet, and really revealed a new side to of my character, gave me the chance to be a little more then the funny oblivious guy I was in the beginning of the episode. Important –> Party Out is not my favourite episode as a whole, as great as Kate is in it, there is this idiot dancing the whole time that really ruins it for me.

||Lizz Hodgson:|SmallType||| My favourite scene is the party scene where Rose slowly walks down the back hallway and Kenny follows her. I love the drama in this scene it is oozing in all of the scenes composition.Within the lighting, Roses reaction.. All of it. Above all.. I feel this is a scene many people can relate to.

||Josh Ary:|SmallType||| The basement party, it was like my eyes were on ecstasy.

||Adrian Ellis|SmallType|||Tough to pick! Of course, I love the movie theater scene, but that’s probably a popular choice. Chemistry with Vanessa is a witty and cute episode, where VFX is tastefully used and really helps the humour come across and stand out.  It’s got unique character and really adds something special.
I think I’ll go with Party Out, though.  It’s a wonderful contrast of giddy happiness and utterly in the gutter depression, and makes you FEEL like you felt in high school – the intense roller-coaster emotions.  The dramatic shifts in lighting, use of music/lyrics are all spot on in creating that mood and meaning.  Plus Kenny’s dancing… it makes you love him all the more.

||Natalie O’Brien:|SmallType||| The subway scene with Rose and the redhead because it’s so beautifully shot and scored. Plus everyone can related to exchanging glances with an intriguing stranger, gay or straight.

||Jason Leaver:|SmallType||| Episode 3 contains two of my favourite scenes, both to make and watch: The subway ride with Rose is our only silent scene and yet tells a narrative, plus Adrian’s score is exquisite. In the same episode is the movie theatre scene which was one of the most challenging to film and has the greatest payoff, people laugh out loud to that scene which is a great feeling when watching it with an audience. But episode six, Tea with Dad, is so simple. It’s our shortest, yet tells so much. We see Rose is a bit of a baby. We see how much Nathan cares. It’s also our most controversial episode, with regards to how to make proper tea.

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