|| What kind of feedback have you received from people who have seen the show? If given the opportunity would you move the show from the web to network TV?|SubTitle|||

Two questions!
First, regarding the feedback. For the most part our feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Though early on we were a little shaken by some folks saying we have bad acting and writing. Well, that’s about the writing, say what you will. But I take issue with saying there’s bad acting. I think our cast is amazing. I have a hunch why some folks consider the performances awkward/bad. Well, awkward isn’t a bad thing – after all, these are characters in awkward situations who don’t want or don’t know how to say what’s on their minds. The delivery of the dialogue isn’t smooth and perfect, which is something we intentionally avoided. In fact, that’s how it was written. I wrote like I speak, like many people speak. Think about regular every day conversations, how often do you stumble on your words or have new thought part way through what you’re saying? We’re not perfect speakers. So that’s how I wrote and directed. I think some audience members were put off by this style of performance because we’re so used to seeing the kind of acting that’s in television and movies which polished, slick, perfect – and dare I say rehearsed? Well, I’ve gotten over the negative feedback. Fortunately, overwhelmingly, it seems, people like the show. Nearly every day someone tells us how real and genuine the characters feel. I’m very proud of that.
Of course, the other overwhelming bit of feedback we hear is that each episode is too short. We hear you loud and clear! We plan to address that next season.

Second, regarding network TV. If given that opportunity, I’d love to move the show to network television. That would enable us to do more, and of course, get paid! For the time being, I quite enjoy the web. Sure, it ends up being an expensive hobby. But there is an amazing sense of community that I never expected to find. Another perk, it’s the WORLD WIDE web – we’re being watched literally all over the world.

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