||What inspired you to make Out with dad? Did you write this specificly for LGBT youth/parents?|SubTitle|||

There were many ideas floating in my mind back in April 2009 that contributed to the birth of Out With Dad. Firstly I wanted to find a story to tell about love and longing (such as what Nathan discusses before the movie in Ep3). Second, I had a dream about being a single father (despite the fact that I’m neither a father nor single). Third, I was a little obsessed with Series 3 of Skins, specifically the Naomily storyline – it struck my heart. Somehow all these things came together: a single dad with a daughter coming out seemed cute. I looked online to see if there was anything like that already, turns out there isn’t much out there about/for the LGBT community at all, some, but very little. Next, I researched information for parents. I was very disappointed, it was mostly negative information. (I write more about this in my blog here: https://www.outwithdad.com/making-out/gay-queries) Discovering there was so little positive material out there was perhaps the final push. I felt I needed to change things. There needs to be better examples for people who might find themselves in similar situations such as Rose and Nathan. I guess you could say I wrote it specifically with LGBT youth and parents in mind, but really, I hope everyone watches. I think this is the kind of tale that everyone should be exposed to. With any luck, we’re doing our part to help people be more understanding and compassionate.

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