Episode 6

“Tea with Dad”

A minisode.  Nothing like a spot of tea to make everything better.  The conclusion of Rose & Nathan’s nights out.

Please tell us what you think!  Your comments will be appreciated!

   Les visiteurs en provenance de France peut regarder sur Studio 4.0.


  1. My gran always said a mug of tea solves issues.

  2. OMG – the tea making scene was almost a shot for shot of ‘Steep Decision’!!!

  3. Lee, that’s exactly why I made sure to include it. :)
    Glad you enjoyed.

    • Ya what is up with that i am from Ireland and i have never seen one we just have fresh milk from a carton

  4. That was really nice. I wonder how many people will get confused over the milk bag. Nice work. Thank you for sharing this early.


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