3.03 “Storming In & Out”

Picking up right when we left off in “Dining In & Out“, is “Storming In & Out”. Rose and Claire’s evening has turned out to be a bit more dramatic than they bargained for. Surprisingly for Rose, the drama doesn’t stop when she gets home.

What do you think of Nathan’s reaction to Rose’s request?

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Kate Conway as Rose
Caitlynne Medrek as Claire
Jonathan Robbins as Nathan

guest starring
Andrew Kines as Ted
Jennifer Kenneally as Marion
Daniel Solokhine as Brian

Music Composed, Produced and Performed by:
Adrian Ellis

Created, Written and Directed by:
Jason Leaver


  1. Damns, its too short, why? this series its really amazing but if it lasts longer, would be perfect! i really want more too.

  2. I just don`t understand why Nathan don`t explain to Rose why Claire cannot stay. And I am actually not fine with Nathan decision. The way how Rose tries to convince her dad (like she don`t care where in the house Claire is staying) shows 2 things. First, it emphasizes how urgent the situation is for Claire. Second, it shows that Rose cares for Claire as a person.
    Nathan could at least give some support in form of finding a “safe” place for Claire for the night. Staying in a trouble family (even 1 night) is not good for a young person – in any case.
    And at the end, the girls are kinda running away, which is no good “solution”.
    Great episode, thanks! Regards from Europe.

  3. I’m from Brazil and love your web serie. But please, this was too short :/ when it gets better, it ends… we want more! :)

  4. Way too short. One episode shouldn’t be about only one issue. But I’m only saying that because it’s a great episode.

  5. I want see more…
    I’m totally Team Claire too. But the situation is so dramatic, families are so unfair…

  6. This is quite a difficult thing… I do understand Nathan’s point in not having a girl sleep over when they are both gay, and clearly have feelings for each other. Tough he should look on the fact that Claire’s having some troubles at home, and should need to spent the night so things can get calmed down. Still, if they where going to sleep in the same room, things could happen.. still, she could like sleep in another room or something…

    Still, I would bet that Kenny would be allowed to sleep over 😛

    • You know Andy, I had thought that very same thing. I think it was a matter of precedent for Nathan. If he says yes, but separate rooms, then it opens up to the next “line”. As they say, give an inch…
      Toughest scene I’ve ever had to play because I wanted the decision to be different as well. But it had to be this way, it just had to be.
      I won’t say anything else…you’ll get a window into the reasoning a bit more in the near future.

      • Being a dad of a 13 y.o. girl….this had me saying, on the one hand….no way Dad….tell her no way. I was somewhat disgruntled that the explanation was somewhat not all encompassing (yeah see the upcoming episode for more explanation) but wow….dad’s need to be firm AND explanatory!

        On the other hand….do you kick out the girl because she’s having possible family problems to avoid THOSE issues or are you kicking her out because of….well you know.

        I don’t know what the heck I’d do about it, probably say no, explain why verbosely and then send her on her way. I’d offer a ride home or let Rose walk her back but she’s not staying because that slope can get awfully slippery.

        Having said all that, I am just hoping my daughter stays uninterested in boys or girls until she’s 30. Yeah, unrealistic, but she’s my baby, people!

  7. I want more!!!! team Vanessa all the way!! :) <3

  8. I think Nathan over reacted a little, he could see that Claire was upset and didnt want to go home, it wouldnt have hurt for Claire to stay the night.

    Im totally Team Claire.

  9. bring on vanessa i miss her i want her an rose to have a chance i really want them together ;-;

  10. WHAT! That is ALLLLLLL! WANT MORE lol!



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